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After 3 years from the birth of the cultural and  tourism association “Escursioni sardegna segreta” we want to present 15 routes and two weekly tours including excursions throughout Sardinia naturalistic, archaeological, nuragico, mining, cultural and gastronomy ...!

Clearly, any of these locations is absolutely ... "secret !!!"

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About Us

The project Secret Sardinia Excursions was born with the objective of communicating my knowledge of this region but also my passion and my love for this beautiful land: Sardinia. Why did I choose the name SecretSardiniaExcursions? Because this marvellous island always offers the opportunity to discover new itineraries, new impressive landscapes, beaches with crystal clear water, mountains which seem to be inaccessible; so, without carefully prepared Excursions, Sardinia could remain a...Secret!!!
Thanks to these Excursions we will reach "magic" places by a comfortable off-road vehicle, in complete safety. Then, we will start the excursion that you chose following the itinerary which has been previously arranged and with the possibility to adapt it according to your own needs; these Excursions will be very flexible because you will always have the possiiblity to change both the itinerary according to the places you would like to visit and the timetable (this is my no-forced-itinerary policy). Moreover it will be possibile to mix different kinds of Excursions. I will do all my best so that, at the end of this experience, you will be surely bitten by the "Sardinia bug", too..

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